Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Solar Transit of Aldebaran, Rohini, starts the Monsoon Season in Kerala !

How correct is the Indian Astro Calendar ! Rohini Njattuvela started today and it is raining here in Guruvayur.

As per our Kerala Calendar, the Solar Transit of Rohini started today. It was raining for the last two hours. Last one hour it was raining cats and dogs. Gone was the blistering heat, gone was the pessimistic mood of the people who were fearing drought. Even Nila, the great Bharatapuzha River, had dried up. Now let us wait for the rains.

What a glorious climate we are having. I am in my office and it is raining outside. We cannot go out without the umbrella till the Solar Transit of Jyeshta or Delta Scopi is over.  For almost seven months, carrying an umbrella is a must ! 

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