Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anti Paganism destroys Kerala

Incidentally, today the GOI gave Malayalam . the status of exalted language, along with Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. All Keralites are happy today, a glorious day.

At 0500 AM, it was drizzling and it continued for 15 minutes. For the first time this season, I had to open my umbrella, when I got out of my flat at 0700 sharp.  Now it is drizzling in Gvr. But we feels that the rains are not enough, scared as we are about another drought.

There are reasons for such alarm and despondency. While Nature based Religions highlighted Nature as Saguna Brahman, the Anti Paganists ignore Nature and say the Creator is greater than the created ! The earth and nature based philosophical systems insist on planting trees, making the earth green and preserving our water reservoirs. Many water reservoirs have been destroyed and concrete structures are coming up in their place, in minority ruled Kerala.  Deforestation or felling of trees are taking place. Evapo Transpiration helps the Water Cycle. If all water reservoirs are destroyed and if all trees are felled, it can devastate Nature !

We hope sanity will prevail. We may be classified with the Greens, when we make this statement. Hence destroying Nature and then crying we have no rains is not common sense ! That is what many people are doing, even in enlightened Kerala. Enlightened by Marxism and Anti Paganism !

With the result, we have to pray for rains every day, like Anaxagoras !

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