Monday, April 29, 2013

Bharani Njattuvela brings hopes of rains !

Bharani Njattuvela, the Solar Transit of 41 Arietis started on 27th and it rained that day here. Also yesterday !

These solar periods or Njattuvelas are the transits of the Sun !

While Bharani Njattuvela brings hope
Karthika brings cheer
Rohini supplements both
Fiercely rains come down in Mrigasira
It rains nectar during Aridra
Fierce but intermittent in Punarvasu
And heavy rains in Pushya !

In Varsha Prashna, Puliyoor says
Jala Rasi Sthitahu Manda Rahu
Na Sthassu Vrishtidau
Rains will not be there, if Saturn and Rahu are in a Jala Rasi. But then Libra is not a Jala Rasi as such, but is ruled by Venus, a watery planet !
But the next verse holds hope
Shukrendu Drishtau yadi thau
Maha Vrishti Pradayakau
( Prashna Anushtana Paddhathi )
If aspected by Moon or Venus
There will be plenty of rains
Now Venus casts his aspect on Libra. And after May 31, Jupiter will be in sidereal Gemini, casting his benign aspect on Libra !

May there be plenty of rains !

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