Monday, April 22, 2013

I created the Four Classes, saith the Lord !


The International Astronomical Union had not used Sanskrit names. From Beta Arietis to Zeta Piscium.

This is news to me. Chaturvarnya amongst elephants.
Chaturvarnya is a much misunderstood concept. It is according to qualities and profession and not according to birth.

Chathurvarnyam Maya Shrishtam
Guna Karma Vibhagasha
Thasya Kartharam api maam
Vidhyakartharam Avyayam

I created the Four Noble Professions
Based on qualities and Profession
I am the Creator of the Four
I am also the Non Creator
I am transcendental !

We find there are Four types of Professions
The Intellectual Class, the Brahmin
The Warror Class, Police and Military, Kshatriyas
The Business Class, Vaishya
And the Service Class, Shudras
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