Friday, April 05, 2013

Vedas, cognised in higher states of Consciousness !

Like the noble Sir Philip Sydney, it seems I have to take the pen again ! An Apologia for Astrology ?

The root of this controversy is the word Vedic. A word has many connotations.

Veda means knowledge. Vid to know. So Veda means knowledge only.

Now the Christian and Muslim scholars in Kerala talk like this " Njangalude Veda pusthakathil.... " meaning it is said so in our Vedic text. So to a Christian, his Veda is the Bible and to the Mulsim, his Veda is the Quran. One guy told me that theirs ( Muslim ) is the Fourth Veda, the Atharva Veda ! Veda means knowledge, may be theological, may be philosophical, may be religious, may be scientific ( Vedic Science ).

The word Vedic can be used anywhere, Vedic Philosophy, Vedic Maths, Vedic Foods, Vedic Architecture ( Vastu ). Vedic Temples etc.

I had a discussion with one Antony Chirayath, who told me that Vedic Foods are a rage in the West. Then after one month, when I used the term Vedic Foods, he objected to it, saying that that will imply that it is of  the Hindus ! So that is the problem, the word Vedic creates problems in people coming from other civilizations. The problem is psychological.

Now Dr Frawley et al may have used the word Vedic in the sense it represents Knowledge and not that it was divinely revealed.  Even if it was divinely revealed, why should other scholars object to it ?

Aurobindo discovered the Supermind. He got it in higher states of Consciousness. If you reseach on the word in some book, you will not find it. He talked about a Mind - Overmind - Supermind Axis.


Supermind, then, is the Alpha and the Omega, the instrument of all origination, the origin of all unification, originative, executive and consummative in all realised and realisable harmonies


Mahesh Yogi talked about the Seven States of Consicousness. Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness and states above. Shoud we go and do research to find out in which text it is revealed ? If so, then scholars will come out different intrepretations and there will be mudslinging !

So, friends, let us abandon this talk about researching into books like the Bible !
Astrology is a mystical science, not a physical one and the only real Pratyaksha mystical science !

Aprathyakshani Saastrani
Vivadasthasya Kevalam
Pratyaksham Jyothishm Saastram
Saaskhinyau Chandra Bhaskarau

All sciences have disappeared
And are controversial too
Astrology is the only visible Science
With witnesses, the Sun and the Moon !

I did not make up this Sloka, even though I translated it. I am not interested to know who composed it and why and in which page, in which book it is written !

G Kumar
Sai And I Both Are Being And Awarenes 

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