Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time called Thee from Thy Slumber !


In  Vedanta, Mahat has been defined as Cosmic Intelligence by the translators of  Narayaneeyam.
The great poet Melpathur defined Him as
O Thou with and without Maya
Art known as Witness Consciousness
And the Eternal Triad in Mind Universal
Universe, Ego, Supreme Relative
Reflecting as they are in the Universal Mind
Are Thy grand projections !
Time called Thee from Thy Slumber
Thy Slumber of Cosmological Cycles
Thy Cosmic Intelligence is Mahat Tathva !
Maya Sannihitho Pravishta Vapusha
Saksheethi Geetho Bhavan
Bhedaisthvam Prathibimbitho Vivisivan
Jeevepi Naiva para
Kalatma pradhibodhitha cha vigatha
Sanchothida cha Swayam
Maya sa khaldu buddhi tatvam asruja
Dyosau Mahan uchyathe
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