Tuesday, April 02, 2013

1280 Bibles !

The Julian Calendar had to be replaced by the Gregorian, not the Vedic Astro Calender, which is sidereal or based on the fixed stars. The Gregorian also may need modification later on.

While other Religions have one Book and one Prophet, the Eternal Law, the Sanantana Dharma has got

1,280 Religious Books,
10,000 Commentaries,
 more than one lakh sub-commentaries
 for these foundation books,
 variety of Aacharyas,
 millions of Rishies,
 hundreds of languages...
 Still, everyone goes to the

 Hindus never quarrelled with each other  in the last ten thousand years in  the name of religion

Dr Kenneth Chandler points out that " The greatest discovery of India has been the discovery of Pure Consciousness and the mapping out of the architectonic structure of Pure Knowledge".

The Vedas were never written, but cognised by the Rishies in higher states of Consciousness, in Cosmic Consciousness and above. The 18 sciences of the Philosophia Indica are eternal, self existent truths coexistent with Creation and hence Apaurusheya or divine in origin. 

Just some few scholars barking cannot change an iota of the Eternal Wisdom !

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