Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Helio Geo Centric Universe !

In Western Astronomy, the Ptolemaic Universe was geocentric. The great poet Dante based his cosmology on the Ptolemaic Universe.

Copernicus changed all that with his Heliocentic Model.

In the East, the Indian astronomer, Neelakantan, proposed a helio geo centric Universe, known as the Neelakantan Universe. This was copied by none other than the Guru of Kepler, Tycho Brahe and he called it the Tychonic Universe.

According to Einstein, all truths are relative and depends on the Observer and his frame of reference. Heliocentric means based on Helios, the Greek word for the Sun, which is derived from the Sanskrit Heli, as per the dictum Heli Soorya Chandraama Sheetharashmi. 

Heliocentric means observed from the Sun, with Helios, the Sun,  as the frame of reference. You cant go the Sun, put a chair there and observe from there ( May be the Noble Professor can do it, as he has called his software, Vishnu, which means all pervading in Sanskrit ).

Geo means Earth and geocentric means based on the Earth.

So children are talking about geocentric and heliocentric, without having any knowledge of Astronomy/Astrology. Ignorance can be excused, as nobody is omniscient !

Now we are under attack from the modern Thibeaus and Whitneys. We have to defend our Philosphy/Astronomy/Astrology from their vicious attacks. So let us be intellectual warriors ( Arundhati Roy is an intellectual warrior. She said Kashmir is Pakistan's, but then she is an intellectual warrior for Pak !)

Our friend, Paul Schyter has given algorithms for computing longitudes at his website.
Now let us know the method of computing Algorithms the Vedic Way.
Similar to the Jihad and Holy War, we have Dharma Yuddha.

Dwavumau Purushau Loke
Soorya Mandala Bhedinau
Parivrad Yoga Yukthascha
Ranaschabhi mukho Hatha

By two methods Heaven is attained
And this Samsara is crossed
One by the Path Yogic
Other by the Path of the Martyr !

So let us be intellectual warrors to defend India and everything Indian !.

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