Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Exoteric and the Esoteric !

There are two types of meaning for all in Universal Mysticism, the Exoteric and the Esoteric.

What happens is that people take the exoteric or the  literal meaning and say we are superstitious. The esoteric meaning is known only to an Initiate.When we say we worship snakes, it is not the physical snakes we worship. We worship the inner Snake, the Kundalini, the Serpent Power which lies coiled in humans ( vide Sir John Woodroffe " The Serpent Power " ).

Similarly we do not worship the physicial Sun !

Look at this verse

Sooryam na tva Graha pathim
Jagath Ulpathi Karanam
Vakshyami Veda Nayanam
Yada Brahma Mukha Srutham.

The mystic meaning is that the Almighty Self, which transcend the three states relative, Jagath Ulpathi Karanam, is all in all and the I am telling Thee the Eye of Learning, the Vision of the Vedas, Astrology, and it cometh from a higher states of Consciousness, yada Brahma Mukha srutham !

When we light a Lamp and worship the Lord, we are worshipping the Divinity within. The mystic Ward said " Within, within and within "!

Jnanagnim Bahyavagnim cha Ekeekritya Prapoojayeth

Now when we say that it is not the physical Sun which we worship but the Inner Sun, the Divine Solar Consciousness, which is transcendental and which transcends Swapna, Jagrata and Sushupti, then this  verse becomes pregnant with philosophic meaning.

Yasyodaye Jagath idam Prathibhodham ethi
Madya sthithou prasarathi prakriti kriya su

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