Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 18 sciences are mystical, not physical !

Astrology is one of the 18 mystical sciences of the Philosophia Perennis. They are not physical, but mystical. We talked about Yoga and Vedanta, are they physical ? 

Physical astronomers and half Professors cannot understand Universal Mysticism. Physicalists are literalists, they think only the Physical Universe is real. It is not their fault, as they believe Esse Est Percii, only their perceptions. Some of them believe in Creationism, the Six Day Creation Theory and some of them in the Big Bang Theory ! How can Everything come out of Nothing ? Creation ex Nihilo ? 

See, none of the mystics talked about anything physical.

Jesus never spoke about the physical Jerusalem. Look at his statement
"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and whomsoever shall know himself shall find it"  Know Thyself and find It.

He was a Yogi. He declared Ego sum Alpha et Omega, I am the Alpha and the Omega. He was saying Aham Brahmasmi in another language.

So was Prophet Mohammed. He declared " Anal Huq " . In Arabic Ana means me Al means The and Huq means Truth. He was also declaring Aham Brahmsami in another language. He was a Sufi, a Yogi.

Look at his statement. Take the mystical meaning and not the physical meaning

"The Shariat is my body, the Tariqat my actions and Haqiqat my states".

The mystical meanings are known only to the Yogi, to the Sufi, to the Gnostic, to the Kabalist, to the Zen Master. Do not go by exoteric meaning, go by the esoteric !

What does Bhagavan say?

Sarvasya cha Aham Hridi Sannivishto
Matha Smrithi Jnanam apohanam cha
Sarvescha Vedair   Aham eva   Vedyo
Vedanta krityeva mitheha chaham

I am seated deep
In everybody's heart !
I am He whom the Vedas seek to know
I am the revealer of the Vedanta !

He is in the hearts of all, not in the physical Mecca or the physical Jerusalem !

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