Sunday, April 07, 2013

Vedanta is more logical than Theology or Science !

Let us understand the Law of Correspondences, As Above, so Below. That each part replicatest the Whole. Both are One. Being from One, they correspond !

More logical is Mentalism( Vedanta ) than both Theology and Cosmology which maintain that Everything came out of Nothing. Vedanta explains that there is no material creation, as Matter or Energy cannot be created or destroyed and that the Sum Total Energy in the Universe is an eternal constant, Brahman, Absolute. 

However, there is a mental creation and that the Unvierse is a dream in the Cosmic Mind.

Avyaktha Namnee Paramesha Shakti
Anadya Vidya thrigunatmika para
Kayanu meya Sudhiyaiva Maya
Yada Jagath Sarvam Idam Prasooyathe.

Unmanifest is the Power of the Lord
Great is the Universal Mind which created
This manifested Universe !
She went forth as Nescience
As the triune attributes of Nature
Satwas, Rajas  and Thamas
And tantalises everyone
As the Consort of the Lord!

Everything did not come out of Nothing, Everything came out of Everything, poornamada poornam idam, both Brahman and Maya are Poornam !

It is more logical than Theology which states the God created the Universe out of Nothing in six days and even more logical than the Big Bang Theory, which states that the Universe was created out of Nothing by Quantum Fluctuations. How can everything come out of Nothing ? ( Somebody said that the Big Bang Theory is nothing but Religion ! )

In his "History of Western Philosophy",  Bertrand Russell defined Philosophy as the No Man's Land between Science and Theology. All dogmas belong to Theology, all established facts belong to Science. In between there is No Man's Land and this is Philosophy ! Ultimately we are on the side of Philosophy, not Theology or Science !

Let us congratulate the World Wide Web for the proliferation of Knowledge ! ( somebody said that www means Wealth, Wine and Women ! )

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