Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Scientia Intuitiva, the Intuitive Sciences !

We will define the Intuitive Sciences.

The Single Eye on the U S One Dollar Bill symbolises the All Seeing Eye of Providence or the Eye of Horus or the Third Eye of Hinduism.

What is Intuition, by the way ? Intuition is defined as the Eye of Wisdom !

So what do we mean by the Intuitive sciences ? The Sciences of Wisdom or the Philosophic Sciences. Scientia Intuitiva est Scientia Prima - The First Science was the Science Intuitive.

Seers point out that Intuition alone can see Reality! Aurobindo averred ' Behind the phenomenal world is the Transcendent Reality, which Intuition alone can see"

"The first aspect of Cosmic Existence is an infinite, which is to our perception and Indeterminate. In this infinite, the Universe, whether in its aspect of structure or in its aspect of Energy, appears as an indeterminate determination, a boundless finite ( Einstein called the Universe Finite Unbounded ), paradoxical, but necessary expressions which seems to tell us that we are dealing with a Supra-rational Mystery as the base of all things ".

"Sankara, caught in between the phenomenal world and the Ultimate Transcendent Reality, comes to the conclusion, that as the Supracosmic Transcendence is supra-rational, realisable only through intuitive experience, so too the mystery of the Universe must ultimately be supra-rational" !

Mark his words. Realisable only through intuitive experience.

Absolute Reality or Absolute Being cannot be seen by the two physical eyes, but only by the Third Eye of Intuition !

The Lord tells Arjuna the same thing, only through the Third Eye cant thou see Me !

Evam Roopa Shakyam Aham Nriloke
Drushtum Thadanyena Kuru Praveera

So the Seers, who knew that Self Actualisation is the summum bonum of Life, gave more priority to Intuitive Sciences than the Physical Sciences. Many mystical sciences were developed by them, Yoga Shaastra, Vedanta Shaastra, Nyaya Shaastra, Jyothis Shaastra etc.

Those who see only with physical eyes believe in the Six Day Creationism and the Big Bang Theory and believe that the Universe came out of Nothing, a Creation Ex Nihilo. They think they are " physical scientists" . Alas, how far are they from Absolute Truth !

I sit in Guruvayur, the fourth largest pilgrim center in the world ( after Vatican, Mecca and Tirupathi ) and it is my divine duty to defend Scientia Intuitiva !

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