Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Rajju Sarpa Nyaya of Vedanta !

In the West, the divine Hermes Trismegistus spelt out the Law of Correspondences saying " That which is on High is that which is on Below, that which is on Below is that which is on High, in order that the Miracle Of Unity may be perpetual".

The physical Sun corresponds to the Inner Sun, as per the Law of Correspondences. As Above, so Below ! 

I will define Rajju Sarpa Nyaya here. For that,  we have to go to the basics of Vedanta and the definitions of the Self, the Non Self etc.

Let us define the Non Self.

Dehendriya prana sukhonamadaya
Sarve Vikara Vishaya sukhadaya
Vyomani Bhoothani Akhilam cha Visvam
Avyakta payantam idam Hya natma 

All sensory organs, all emotions,
All Five Great Elements
From the Macrocosm to the Microcosm

So you mean to say  all are Non Self ? Yes ! What about the Universe ? Same.

OK, then what is Self, this Ayam Atma Brahma ?

Here is the definition of the Self

Nirguno, nishkriyo, nithyo
Nirvikalpano Niranjanah
Nirvikaro Niraakaro
Nityor mukthosmi Nirmalah

That which is Attributeless
Devoid of any Relativity
Without shape or Form
That is the Absolute SELF !

Yes,  all this is SELF, Satyam Sat Atmeva Jagath Samastham,  and when seen through the Mind ( Universal ) it appears as the Universe, with its myriad forms and names, as Nama and Rupa ! This is Rajju Sarpa Nyaya of Vedanta. The rope is mistaken as the serpent, the Universe is seen through the veil of Mind, through the veil of Maya ! ( We had talked about Mentalism, that all this is Mind, before ) !

Yatra Bhasayathi Visvam
Kalpitham Rajju Sarpavath
Ananda, param Ananda,
Sa bodhasthwam Sukhe Chara !

In Whom all this is illumined
Like the blueness in the sky
Water in the mirage
The Serpent on the Rope
The Universe is an idea
In the Universal Mind !
Know that Bliss to be Thee
And walk in that Bliss Absolute !

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