Sunday, April 14, 2013

In defence of Astrology !

Another Sir Philip Sydney stuff with the pen.

Our defence consists of the following points

1) Yavanas are not the Greeks, as misunderstood by Western scholars. They are an Indic tribe.

2) Physicalists and Literalists cannot understand the inner essence of the mystical sciences. ( Astrology is never physical, but mystical ).

3) We have seen literalists give literal interpretations, according to their whims and fancies. According to Esoteric Wisdom, Rama and Ravana were mythological characters. Rama is the Emblem of the Almighty Self and Ravana, the Emblem of Ego.

4) Everybody knows that Gregory added 10 days to the Julian Calender. There is no proof that Varaha did the same ( deducting 23 days ) to the Hindu Calender. That sloka is too vague.

5) The date when Gregory did that is 14-10-1582. No date has been given for the " Varahian Jump"  !

6) Astrology is a mystical science, based on Grace. There is nothing reprehensible in adopting Astrology as a profession. It continues to be one of the noblest professions and one of the greatest sciences which human intellect has built up.

8) The algorithms for computing planetary longitudes were first given by the Indian mathematicians, Aryabhata, Brahmagupta et al. Aryabhato Griha Ganitham.

9) The great intuitive sciences of Indian Philosophy are all mystical and their inner essence can only be understood by mystics ( " Wordly Intelligence seeks this Sanctuary in vain. All is undecipherable to the unprepared. He can see nothing, he can read nothing in its interior" ).

10)BG is an esoteric Scripture. The idea is not that a physical Krisha tells a physical Arjuna. They are the direct instructions of the Absolute, Almighty Self ( Krishna ), to the discriminative intellect  (Arjuna) !

11) MBh is another Epic with mystic meaning. There are five positive elements in Man, Truth, Dharma, Peace, Love and Prajna, the discriminative intellect, symbolised by the five Pandavas. The forces of the Kauravas are symbols of Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, avarice, pride and gluttony, the Seven Deadly Sins in the human mind. Duryodhana symbolises Kama, the lust which binds to the sublunar world. Dusshana is Krodha, anger, which is the greatest enemy of man.

Arjuna is the Prajna, the discriminative intellect, fighting with the background of Eternity. In each man, there is a fierce conflict going on between good and evil, where the great struggle for supremacy, between the Spirit and the flesh, is fought out on the ground floor of our existence, between the black and white forces of virtue and vice, light and darkness, prosperity and adversity !

In the great war which is happening in the human bosom, which the great poets of yore, represented as the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the daivic forces are the positive elements in the human mind and the Asuric forces, the negative.

Only after the negative forces are destroyed, the asuric forces in the human mind, can we get Self Actualisation. For that we need the help of the Almighty Self ( Krishna ) !

Nice day to talk about Esoteric Wisdom. The day when the Sun just entered Sidereal Aries !

Here the defence rests !

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