Friday, May 02, 2014

FAQs regarding Easter

Q - How is the date of Easter computed?

A- It is the First Sunday after the Equinoctial Full Moon.

Q- Is it a coincidence that the Equinoctial Full Moon fell on Vishu Day, on
Apr 15th.

A - Easter is always proximate to Vishu.

Q - Has Easter anything to do with the Old Pagan Festival of Vernal Equinox?

A - It has.

The Day of Ishtar was celebrated by the Romans centred around the Vernal
Equinox. The Old Pagan Festival of Spring Equinox. Ishtar became Easter.

It is to be noted that with the help of Indian Astronomy and Maths, the
Western scholars computed the date of Easter, along with loxodromes,
latitudes and longitudes,using the sine tables of Aryabhata and Madhava.
Christopher Clavius, who initiated the Gregorian Calendrical Reforms, learnt
Astronomy and Maths from Pedro Nunes, a Jewish astronomer. Matteo Ricci was
sent to India for this purpose !

Here is an informative article by Royce Carlson about Easter at  

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