Friday, May 02, 2014

What is Philosophy ?

Q - What is Philosophy ?

A - It is Dialectics, the Science of Logic. It is the completion of Science
in the synthesis of Wisdom.

Q - What is the difference between Science and Philosophy ?

A - Science is organised Knowledge.
Wisdom is organised Life.

Q - How many sciences constitute Western Philosophy ?

A - Seven sciences. They are

Ontoloy - The Science of Being.
Epistemology - The Science of Knowledge
Axiology - The Science of Values
Aesthetics - The Science of Beauty
Ethics - The Science of Character
Logic - The Science of the regulative principles of Thought
& Politics - The Science of the State

Q - How many sciences constitute Indian Philosophy?

A - Eighteen sciences.

Q - Are they all interrelated ?

A - Yes, the Law of Epistemic Correlation states that all branches of
Knowledge are interrelated.

Q - What are these 18 sciences ?

A - They are

1) The Science of Being as Being, Vedanta Saastra
2) The Science of Cosmic Union, Yoga Saastra

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