Sunday, May 25, 2014

Libra Ascendant rises at Delhi at 1800, 26th May, 2014 ! Mixed fortunes !

The Heavens portend mixed fortunes for the New Government.

The Electional Ascendant at 0600 PM is Libra, with exalted Saturn and the North Node, Rahu, posited in it.

Venus, the Ascendant lord, is posited in the Seventh House, the House of Diplomacy, with Ketu and the Moon.

Jupiter, the Divine Planet, is in the Ninth House, aspecting the Electional Ascendant or Muhoortha Lagna. This Jupiterian aspect is considered good in Electional Astrology.

There are some problems like Sun in the 8th and Moon in the Sixth Rasi of the PM. These indicate that there are many problems to tackle and many a hindrance to surmount !

We wish the Government well. May the New Government usher in an era of peace and prosperity !

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