Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Hindu Lunar Calendar !

The Hindu Lunar Calendar is computed from the Equinoctial New Moon. The First Month, Chaitra, fell on March 31. The twelve lunar months have twelve solar ingresses in it and hence it is known as the Luni Solar Calendar !

Vaishakh, the second month in the H L Calendar, will end May 28th. It seems the cycles of Prakriti are related to Business Cycles. Then on May 29th, Edava Pathi starts and then we have the lean months of Mithuna and Kataka. Only when Chingam or Simha dawns, can one hope for better times materially. Spiritually Cancer or Kataka marks the Point of Summer Solstice and is known as the Holy Month of Ramayana. !

People generally follow the Indian Solar Calendar and are unaware of this Calendar.

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