Friday, June 10, 2011

The Lunar Eclipse on June 15th

Jup Sun Ven

Mar Ket


MooRah Sat

When the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are in alignment, then it is called a Lunar Eclipse. Mark the positions of the Sun and the Moon and the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu in exact opposition in the above chart. The light from the Sun is blocked by the Earth, which otherwise would have illuminated Luna. This is the astronomical perspective. From the astrological perspective, the Moon enters the Zodiac belt of Rahu, and the Head of the Snake devours it in toto ! The Moon in Scorpio is debilitated and this eclipse occurs in the asterism, Jyeshta on the night of Wed, the 15th.

Lunar eclipses are not good generally. It occurs in a mercurial constellation, Jyeshta. Mercury controls the nervous system of Man. the intelligence and the computing capacity of the mind. In astrological terms, this is a direct attack on man's hard disk ! So beware of the eclipse on June 15th night !

Negative thinking may go up as a result, as Mercury is like the processor and Rahu funtions like a virus. The Sastras declare that the effects of eclipses last for three months. Even auspicious times are effected by this eclipse ! Creativity, negotiations, manifestations and metabolism are all affected by eclipses. Obstacles on the path, digestive tract disorders and negative thinking rise. Aries Moon Signs should be very careful, as this is their Chandrashtama.

Advice to all

Avoid non veg food
Dont argue with mother
Avoid sex
Have supper before 0700 PM
Meditate during eclipse time
Wear Pearl, Emerald, Jade or Moonstone

Chant the Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhoo Bhuvah Swah Tat Savithur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo you na prachodayath

May the Absolute Self, whose external symbol the Sun is, enlighten me intellectually !

You can do Tharpanam to ancestors, as they find it convenient to visit the earth plane
during these times and the gateway to Heaven is Sol and Luna !

This is one of the longest lunar eclipses and will be from 1252 AM to 02.32 AM in Kolkotta on 16th morning. This celestial event, which is the first lunar eclipse this year, will be best visible almost near the Zenith. The eclipse will end at 0352 AM on Thursday.

It will be visible from the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, Western Australia and Central Asia, apart from India.

The early stages of the eclipse will be missed by European astronomers, as it will occur before Moonrise.

The next lunar eclipse will be on Dec 10th and will be visible throughout India. But it will last only 25 minutes !

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