Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Remarriage Yoga

If fiery planets tenant the House of Marriage, separation is indicated.If they are conjoined by benefics, then Remarriage Yoga is caused.Agneyer vidhava astha rasi sahitair mishrai punarbhoor bhaveth

If Hora says so, Anushtana Paddhati also seconds such an opinion. Pape Kalatra bhavane tu kalatra nasa A malefic in the Seventh, in the House of Marriage, destroys the House of Marriage !

By fiery planets are meant Sun, Ketu and Mars. But there are some scholars who opine that fiery planets mean malefics. They can include Rahu and Saturn.

Yesterday I analysed a horoscope, a Remarriage Yoga one. The Nodal Axis afflict the 1/7 Houses, and there are benefics in the Seventh House ( mishrai punarbhoor bhaveth ). Divorce had happened and the native is thinking of another marriage !

If the Seventh is afflicted by malefics, but however aspected by benefic planets, the husband will not die, but will move to another woman !

Kroore heena bale asthage swa pathina soumyakshithe proth jida

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