Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Times of the Sun ( Njattuvelas )

The Malayalam Agri Calender has it that the Sun transits the 27 constellations of the Ecliptic and these came to be known as the Njattuvelas. The word Njattuvela is derived from Njayar meaning the Sun and Velas meaning the Times. In short Njattuvela means the Times of the Sun, as it passes through the 27 constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac.

Now the Sun is transiting Mrigasira or Makiryam Njattuvela is on. It is raining incessantly in Kerala. Makiryam mathi ariyathe peyyum meaning that rains will be galore during Mrigasira Njattuvela. On June 22nd, the famous Thiruvathira Njattuvela will be on and Kerala will be graced by bursts of rain with sunny interludes.

Monsoon Tourism is on the upswing in the state. People from Arab lands and tropical countries find Kerala a haven. Westerners find it as a gorgeous Paradise, because of the immense greenery which adorn the state.

More rains are expected during the solar transits of Punarvasu and Pushya. These four Njattuvelas are fierce and destructive. Many have lost their homes in the villages, many paddy fields have been inundated, as the Rains of Life and Death simultaneously bring relief from the blistering heat and at the same time wreack havoc on the poor infrastructure of the state.

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