Friday, June 10, 2011

Translation of Hora verses

Here we give the translated verses of Hora by Varaha. There are 384 verses in all,which can equip the astro scholar to deal with Natal, Horary, Synastry and Electional Astrology.

Here we give the effects of Sun in different signs of the Sidereal Zodiac

If Sun be in the First
Other than Libra, Cancer, Leo, Aries
Lover of battle he becomes
A great despiser of men
With problems relating to eyes
And merciless too

If Sun be in Aries
His sign of exaltation
Wealthy the native becomes
With problem pertaining to eyes

If he be in Leo
Blind at night !
If Sol be in Cancer
Eye problem manifests
If in Libra
Blinded he becomes

Sol in these Signs four
Will not show good qualities

If Sol be in House Second
Wealthy the native becomes
Will be robbed by Government
And will be afflicted in face !

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