Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Seven Names of Planets


A planet is said to be very strong when exalted. But mere exaltation is not enough.If a planet is exalted and has directional strength ( Dig Bala ), then it is said to be Sampoorna If a planet is exalted without any other strengths, it is said to be Poorna. If a planet is exalted, but is weak in the Sixfold Strength, it is said to be Riktha ( Weak )

Exalted with strength directional is Sampoorna called
Devoid of other strengths, it is Poorna !
If he be weak in the Sixfold
Such a planet is Riktha called !
If he be debilitated in Amsa
Or in inimical houses in Amsa
Such a planet is called Anishta ( bad )

Samyak balina swa thunga bhage
Sampoorna Balavarjithasya Riktha
Jneyamsa Gathasya Shatru bhage
Jneya Anishta Phala Dasa Prasoothou

Fall from Exaltation strenght is called Descending ( Avarohi )
If he be in friendly or exaltation in Amsa, he is called Madhya !
Rise from Debilitation is Arohinee ( Ascending Planet )
In inimical houses or debilitation, he is Adhama ( Evil ).

Bhrishtasya Thungath Avarohi samjnya
Madhya bhaveth sa suhrud ucchabhamse
Arohinee nimna parichuyutasya
Neecharibhageth Adhama bhaveth sa !

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