Saturday, March 23, 2013

About Thesis and Anti Thesis, Siderealism and Tropicalism

Ours is a broad minded and tolerant culture.

We should respect the Rishies of the West, Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Emerson,Thoreau, Whitman and their mathematicians and astrologers, Kepler, Laplace, Sir Simon Newcomb, Brown, Leverier etc and their astrolgers, William Lilly, Dane Rudhyar et al.

Now I have developed a healthy respect for Western Psychological Astrology, which is based on the Depth Pychology of Freud and Jung, the Transpersonal Psychology of Abraham Maslow and the Humanistic Psychology of Carl Rogers. It is heartening to see parallels to these systems, like Transpersonal Astrology, Humanistic Astrology and Archetypal Astrology.

Varaha Mihira said it correctly

Melaccha hi yavanastheshu
Samyak Saastram idam sthitham
Rishivatyepi Poojyanthe
Kim punar daivavid Dvija !

Respect the Western scholars as Rishies !

The great Puliyoor Purushotaman Namboothir echoed the same when he said " Paschathya Nirmitan Granthan Na Swee Kurvanthi Panditha " !

Why cant the Indian scholars accepts authentic Western books ?

I had an experience, when I wrote a Malayalam article quoting Kant, the German philosopher, one man asked me " Why do you quote Kant? ". I said the Germans rate him as the world's greatest. There are some people in the Indian civlization who are hardliners. Also in the West. Also in the Islamic. We should not be like them. We should not slip into fundamentalism !

As the positron and the electron peacefully coexist in the atom, let both Thesis and Anti Thesis, Tropicalism and Siderealism, peacefully coexist in Astrology !

If we had behaved arrogantly, we seek pardon from those whom we had offended !

Anu Ranjanam Jagath Mangalm ! Peace is better than being right !

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