Monday, March 18, 2013

The Three Levels of Being !

There are three levels of Being. 
They are

Doing    - Gross Level
Thinking - Subtle Level
Being     - Unamanifest Level

This can be illustrated by the Bubble Diagram. Like the waves of the Ocean. On the gross level, we find agitations. This is the gross level of Doing. When we go to a deeper level, there is more calmness. This is the Subtle Level of Thinking. When we go still deeper, we find the Unmanifest level, the true level of Being.

The subtlest of all subtle thoughts come from Being. The Rishies and the Yogis know how to tune to this level.

The Science of the Absolute, Geetha, identifies these Three Levels of Being and calls them

Adhi Bhootha - Gross Stae
Adhi Yajna    - Subtle State
Adhyamtika -  Unmanifest State

Adhi Bhootha Ksharo Bhava
Purushaschadi Daivatham
Adhi Yajno ha trameva
Dehe Deha bhritam vara

Aurobindo says " I experienced three  of the four  faculties of the Intuitive Reason, Revealation, Inspiration and Intuition, known to the Rishies as Ila, Saraswathi and Sarama". (The Fourth is Illumination )

In Vedic Symbology,

Revealation is Ila
Inspiration is Saraswathi
Intuition is Sarama

Ila is the Mother of the Lunar Dynasty. Saraswathi is the River of Inspiration flowing from the Supramental Truth Consciousness. And Sarama is the Hound of Heaven.

All Mythology is the adumbration of philosophic verities, Ithahasa   Puranabhyam Vedam Samupa Brimhayeth !

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