Monday, March 25, 2013

The Limbs of Wisdom Eternal, the Veda Purusha

The Sanskrit poets defined the Absolute Self as Space Eternal, the Vedapurusha and said that the six Veda Anga Saastras, the six auxiliary sciences, form His body !

Chandau Pada, Shabda Saasatram cha vaktram
Kalpam Vanee Jyothisham Chakshushee cha
Shiksha Ghraanam Shrotha muktham Niruktham
Vedasyanga Nyeva Mahur Muneendra !

In our last post, we forgot to define Shiksha or phonetics. Shiksha Shikshayathhi Vyaktam Vedocharana Lakshanam, Shiksha teaches correct pronunciation.

The term Hindu Zodiac was not coined by me, but used by the great Dr B V Raman.


The sidereal basis of the Hindu Zodiac brings to relative significance the importance the Great Rishies have assigned to Suns apart from ours,  while being aware of the fact that our immediate overlord is our magnificent Sun. They were far more aware than the modern astronomers of the shfiting character of the Vernal Equinoctial Point "

The 'Pratyaksha Professor"( AK Kaul )   is parroting some Western scholars ( like Thibeau and Whitney ? )  and wants to tropicalise our Zodiac.

Evangelists speak like this " Your theories are wrong. Our theories are correct. God sent His son to redeem this world and if you dont convert, no Heaven" !

Stop  evangelisation of the Hindu Zodiac !


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