Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tropical Zodiac vs Sidereal Zodiac

Let us put an end to these arguments.

The tropicalists think they are right and the Siderealists are wrong.

Communists think they are right and Capitalists are wrong.

We pointed out that this world is a maelstrom of warring passions where ideologies clash. He who advances the Anti Theory or Anti Thesis is insulted and he reciprocates.

Who is the villain of the piece? There is a villain of the piece and it is Mind. !

Mind is Biplar, said Tolman. The feeling that Something is Truth and Anti Something is Falsehood is projected by the Mind !

Esse est Percipii and Mind is all in all. All this is just a projection of the Universal Mind, bhootha gramendriyadyairapi Sakala Jagath Swapna Sankalpa Kalpam !

We are all brothers, parts of the Whole and instead of clashing with each other, let us LOVE !

Let us work out what the Divine wants us to do !

The Absolute, the Perfect, the Alone
Our mask of imperfection has assumed
He had made this tenement of flesh His own !
We in His human measure has cast
That to His divine level we might rise 

- Aurobindo.

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