Friday, March 22, 2013

Universal Mind, Mahath Brahma !

Well, the Universal Mind is known as Mahat Brahma .
Says the Lord

This Universe, the Womb is where I plant
Seeds of all lives
From thence, O Prince of India
Comes birth to all beings
Whoso, Kunti's son, mothers each mortal form
Universal Mind conceives
And I am He that fathers, sending seed !  
( The Song Celestial - Sir Edwin Arnold's translation of the Geetha ).
Mama Yonir Mahat Brahma
Thasmi Garbham Thadamyaham
Sambhava Sarva Bhoothanam
Thatho Bhavathi Bharatha !

Sarva Yonishu Kounteya
Moortaya Sambhavanthi Yaah
Tasam Brahma Mahat Yonee
Aham Beeja prada Pitha !
This is in line with what Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi taught, that the Absolute Brahman becomes the Cosmic Mind ( Mahat Brahma ) to spread the world and that all this is mirrored in the Universal Mind, Mayayam Bimbithasthvam !

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