Saturday, August 06, 2011

Reduction to the Geocentric for superior planets in the Eccentric Model

In the above diagram,

A = Starting Point, 0 degree Aries
P = Planet
S = Sun
E = Earth

Angle AEK = Manda Sphuta, heliocentric longitude, after manda samskara
Angle AES = Sheegroccha, mean Sun, mean longitude of Sol
Angle AEP = True geocentric longitude of planet
Angle KEP = The Sheegra Correction or sheegra phalam

The Anomaly of Conjunction = Sheegra Kendra = Angle AES - Angle AEK

x = Angle AES - Angle AEK

Sin ( x ) =

r sin (x)
((R + r cos x)^2 + rsin x^2 ))^1/2

which is the Sheegra correction formula given by the Indian astronomers to calculate the geocentric position of the planet.

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