Monday, August 08, 2011

Sidereal Periods in the Geocentric Model

In the last post we said that Angle AES is Sheegroccha, which is the longitude of the Sun. ( Sheegrocham Sarvesham Ravir Bhavathi ). The Angle AEK is the Heliocentric longitude of the planet.

Sidereal Periods of superior Planets in the Geocentric = Sidereal periods in the Heliocentric.

Sidereal Periods of Mercury and Venus = Mean Sun in the Geocentric

In the Planetary Model of Aryabhata, we find the equation

Heliocentric Longitude - Longitude of Sun = The Anomaly of Conjunction ( Sheegra Kendra ).

As Astronomy is Universal, we are indebted to these savants who made astro calculation possible. Even the word " genius " is an understatement of their brilliant IQ !

Development of the Planetary Models in Astronomy

Hipparchus 150 BCE
Claudious Ptolemy 150 ACE
Aryabhata 499 ACE
Varaha 550 ACE
Brahmagupta 628 ACE
Bhaskara I 630 ACE
Al Gorismi 850 ACE
Munjala 930 ACE
Bhaskara II 1150 ACE
Madhava 1380 ACE
Ibn al Shatir 1350 ACE
Paramesvara 1430 ACE
Nilakanta 1500 ACE
Copernicus 1543 ACE
Tycho Brahe 1587 ACE
Kepler 1609 ACE
Laplace 1700 ACE
Urbain Le Verrier 1850 ACE
Simon Newcomb 1900 ACE
E W Brown 1920 ACE

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