Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Siddhanta Darpana by Samanta

Siddhanta Darpana by Samanta is a great treatise on Astronomy. The placing of the five major planets in the Tychonic Model of the solar system is in agreement with the Titius-Bode Law and even with Kepler's third law. This is a great contribution from Samanta. Epicycles for Solar Anomaly, known as Ugra Phala give correct distances of planets, in both Indian and Greek Astronomy.

Here we give the modern values of the radii of the orbits of the planets and those given in his magnum opus, the Siddhanta Darpana.

Planetary distances in astronomical unit

Planet Distance according to Bode’s law Actual distance

Mercury 0.4 0.387

Venus 0.7 0.732

Earth 1.0 1.0

Mars 1.6 1.524

Asteroid belt 2.8 2.68

Saturn 10.0 9.539

Uranus 19.6 19.19

Neptune 38.8 30.1

Pluto 77.2 39.5

Siddhanta Darpana

Even Odd

quadrant quadrant

Sun 1.00 1.00

Mercury 0.386 0.388

Venus 0.725 0.727

Mars 1.5126 1.5184

Jupiter 5.1428 5.2173

Saturn 9.230 9.4773

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