Monday, August 22, 2011

Of Natural Strength, Naisargika Bala

Natural Strength, Naisargika Bala, is the inherent property of a celestial object, which possesses the following properties

1) This force is constant for a celestial object, not varying in time.

2) This force is proportional to the size of the diameter of the planets.

3) This force is inversely proportional to the distance, r, from the Sun.

4) It increases in the order from the farthest planet to the nearest planet to the Sun. From Saturn,Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun.

5) This Force is a major factor when planets are involved in Planetary War ( Graha Yuddha ), when their longitudes are more or less identical in the Ecliptic.

Let F1 and F2 be the Naisargika Bala of planets 1 and 2 situated in the same distance, r, from earth. Then we have

F1 = F(D1)/r
F2 = F(D2)/r

The ratio of the planetary Naisargika Bala is

F1/F2 = F(D1)/F(D2)

The forces are given by ( according to Newtonian modern theories)

F1= ( M1M/r^2)
F2= ( M2M/r^2)

The ratio of the gravitational forces are

F1/F2 = M1/M2

M1 = v1 d1
M2 = v2 d2 ( v volume d density )

If d1 = d2


F1/F2 = V1/V2 = F(D1)/F(D2)

Therefore the ratio of the Naisargika Balas of two planets at the same identical position in the Zodiac, as defined by the Indian astronomers, is almost identical to the ratios of the modern gravitational forces of these planets if their mass densities are identical.

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