Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Ashtakavarga System in Astrology

Ashtakavarga is defined as a collective factor, which sets going as a result of the progression of the Seven Revolving Heavens. A planet throws out favourable beams of influence on certain places, favourable from the planet's position and from other planet's positions. Such favourable beams contributed by the seven revolving heavens acts as a catalytic agent agumenting both directional and transit influences.

It can be defined as vitality assessment of a horoscope.
A planet is said to become highly benefic if he secures in his own Ashtakavarga more than 5 bindus. A planet having less than 4 bindus will affect the bhava it is in adversely. Similarly in total or Sarvashtavarga if a sign attains more than 30 bindus it becomes highly benefic and any sign getting less than 25 bindus becomes malefic.

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