Monday, December 17, 2007

Planets in the Sixfold Strength

V I B A L A Planets in the Sixfold Strength

In the Sixfold Strength System, if a planet gets less Shashtiamsas than the minimum stipulated, such a planet is called Vibala, or Weak. Here we give the definitions.

Knowest thou not that planets called Vibala
Are planets weak in the Sixfold Strength?
Cancellation Bhanga they cause of Raja Yoga
And are harmful in their nature; Learned One!

This program checks for weak planets; weak in Shad Bala
Know that Weak Planets cause Raja Yoga Bhanga
Exalted with other strengths is Sampoorna called;
Devoid of other strengths is Poorna; of medium strength
Below its average strength in Sixfold is Riktha; weak
Use these terms for correct prognostication O Noble One!

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