Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Horocospe Analysis Tips

The Ascendant Lord

He is the most important planet, as the Asc ( Ascendant ) rules fame and personality. If he be in a quadrant or a trine, he is well placed and the native will have good reputation and a pleasing personality. It is Sarvam Vilagnepi Chintayeth - everything is based on Lagna. So the most important point is the Ascending Degree, the Lagna Sphuta.

If he be placed badly in the trika or evil 6,8,12 houses, the native will have health hazards.

The Two Lagnas or Ascendants

The Moon Sign or Lunar Ascendant is equally powerful as Lagna or Asc. It is Lagnam va chandra lagnam va.

If the Lunar Asc is more powerful than the Asc, then you can predict from the Lunar Asc or Chandra Lagna.

There are some who take the Solar Asc, that is the Sun Sign, but this is rarely used, the normal practice being taking from Lagna ( Asc ) or Chandra Lagna ( Lunar Asc )

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