Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ishta & Kashta Phalas

A planet with more Ishta Phala is inclined to do good & be a benefic
during its Dasa and Bhukti periods while a planet with more Kashta
Phala is inclined to be adverse during its Dasa Bhukti periods.
Hence during prognostication the Ishta & Kashta points of planets
are taken into consideration.

When the Kashta predominates over the Ishta a bad period is indicated.Miseries and suffering will be the result. On the other hand if Ishta points are more beneficial results can be indicated. If the strength of a Dasa lord predominates over that of the Bhukti lord then the results to be obtained during the Bhukti in question will be that indicated by the Dasa lord who if he has more Ishta Phala will produce more of beneficial effects. The results of Dasas and Bhuktis have to be judged very carefully by a judicious estimate of planetary strengths.

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