Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sixfold Strength in Astrology


Shad bala means the sixfold source of planetary strength. Thereare six kinds of potency in the Parasari System. They are :

1. Sthana Bala - Positional Strength

2. Dig Bala - Directional Strength

3. Kala Bala - Temporal Strength

4. Chesta Bala - Motional Strength

5. Naisargika Bala - Intrinsic Strength

6. Drik Bala - Aspectual Strength

Application of Shad Balas

When we say a planet is strong or a House or Bhava is strong, how can it be measured ? The strength and weakness of planets and Bhavas are computed using Shad Balas. So the importance osf the Shad Bala system in the wisdom of the heavens cannot be overemphasised.
In deciding Dasa effects, the first period is attributed to the most powerful Force - the Asc, Sun or Moon. How do we know who is more powerful. By the Shad Bala method !

Shad Balas are measured in shastiamsas or units of 60. 60 shastiamsas make a Rupa.

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