Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dasa or Period of Directional Influence

According to Indian Astrology inevitable effects are to be judged from dasa as per the dictum " Dasa prabhedena Vichinthayeth Dridam". Astrology is based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect called by the philosophers as the Law of Karma. Planets have got dualistic role and always the negative aspect of the ruling planet must be taken into consideration and divine remedial measures must be resorted to overcome the minus points of the dasa ruler.
Dasa is translated as the period of directional influence of the ruling planet. Philosophically dasa represents the prarabda karma of the native and the inevitable effects he has to undergo during the planet's reign.

In the periods & subperiods of malefics
Transfer ruin economic crises galore misery
Destruction of Masters. During the periods
Of lords of Eighth; Stars Three Five Seven
Misery & if Transit Saturn or Jove adverse
Proclaim Death if other factors negative

Know these to be malefics who tenant
6 8 12 from Ascendant; also their lords
Planets debilitated combust Mandeesha
Malefics tenanting trines angles two
Lords Mandyamsa 3 5 7 from Birth Star
Their Dasas bring in misery and pain
Benefics in angles are good O scholar!
There are many terms for planets who reign
Sampoorna Balavarjitha(Poorna) Riktha called!
Anishtaphalada Madhya Avarohi Arohini Adhama
Know these Eight terms to be their Samjnas!

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