Sunday, December 16, 2007


Bhava means house & Bala means strength. Bhava bala is the potency or strength of the house or signification. We have already seen that there are 12 bhavas which comprehend all human events. Each bhava signifies or indicates certain events or functions. For instance the First Bhava indicates Thanu or body the appearance of the individual his complexion his stature etc. If it attains certain strength the native will enjoy the indications of the bhava fully otherwise he will not sufficiently enjoy them. The strength of the bhava is composed of three factors:

1. Bhavadhipathi Bala - Aggregate Shad Bala of the lord of the house
2. Bhava Digbala - Strength acquired by Bhavas falling in Signs.
3. Bhava Dristi Bala - Strength of Bhava aspected by planets.

In the table produced below Bhava Digbala is indicated by DIG and
Bhavadhipathi Bala by OWN. The rest is Bhava Dristi Bala. VJU means
the Visesha Drishti of Jupiter VMA the Visesha Drishti of Mars &
VSA the Visesha Drishti of Saturn.TOT means the total points earned
by a Bhava and RUP means the strength in Rupas ( 60 shastiamsas ).

For the analysis of wealth we have to scrutinise 2 9 10 & 11 houses.
Now in order to know how much the native will have we will have to
evaluate strength of these bhavas. This is where Bhava Bala comes
into action. Not only for ascertaining wealth but for ascertaining
other important Bhavas like Fortune ( 9th Bhava ) Health ( Lagna
Bhava and Longevity ( 8th Bhava ) Bhava Bala has got paramount

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