Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Malefics in Upachayas are good ( in 3,6,10,11 houses )

Natural malefics or fiery planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu & Sun are good in 3,6,10,11 houses. ( Upachaya samstha Papah ).

Natural benefics in 1,4,7,10,5,9,2,11 are good ( Soumya Kendra trikona dhana bhavagah ).

Take for instance, the Nodes of the Moon, Rahu & Ketu. They are excellent in 3,6,10 & 11 houses. The late PM of India, Mrs Gandhi, had Rahu in the 6th and Ketu in the 12th, forming a Kubera Yoga. Rahu in the Sixth destroyed enemies and gave a regal life ( Shashta sthane satru vinasakaree .. ) . So did Ketu in the 12th ( Sada raja yogam naram sad vyayam tat ).

Natural Benefics like Jupiter, Mercury & Venus are good in angles and trines. Angular Jupiter destroys a lakh or 100,000 afflictions ( Laksham Doshan Hanti Devendra Poojya ). Angular Venus destroys 50,000 afflictions, they say ( Kendram Prapya Daithya Mantree tad ardham ). Angular Mercury, devoid of bad associations destroys 25,000 afflictions ! ( Veeryopetha Somaputras thad ardham )
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