Thursday, June 24, 2010

Astrology invokes the inner Sun !


The inner Sun or the Absolute Self is invoked by all astrologers !

The astrologer's prayer starts like this

I bow down to the Absolute Self
Who shines in all states triune
The giver of boons divine
The supreme Poet ! Builder of all sciences !

Asthu Trailokya Deepaya Bhakthabhi Mathadayine
Samastha Vidya Nirmana Kavaye Ravaye Namah

Moorthithve Parikalpitha Sasabrutho Varma Punarjanmanam
Athmeathmavidham Kruthuscha Yajatham Bharthamara Jyothisham
Lokanam Pralayodayasthithi Vibhuschanekada Ya Sruthau
Vacham Na Sa dathunaikakirana Trailokya Deepo Ravi

May the Almighty Self who is all in all of the nature of
Time Eternal give me the divine gift of articulate speech !

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