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Venus, the fair planet of Love !

" The fair planet that hearteneth to love " said Dante about this lovely planet. One of the four solar terrestrial planets, Venus is astronomically a hell in the heavens, with a tremedous temperature. It is known as the sister of earth, due to its similarity with earth.

In Grecian Mythology, She is Aphrodite. In Roman Mythology, She is Venus. In Indian Mythology, he is the preceptor of the demons, Shukra. In Semitic Mythology, She is Ishtar or Astarte.

Aphrodite was worshipped on the islands of Cyprus. The early Romans worshipped Venus as the Goddess of Fertility. Known as the Goddess of Chastity in women, and as Venus Generatrix, She was worshipped as the mother of Aeneas. As Venus Felix, the bringer of good fortune and also as Venus Victrix, the bringer of victory.

In Indian Mythology, the Sage Bhrigu is Venus, the preceptor of the demons. In the Paradise Lost, Satan says it is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven. There are two paths, the way of Mammon and the flesh ( Preyo marga ) and the way of Being and of Bliss ( Sreyo marga ). The way of Mammon is chosen by the ordinary people and the way of God by the noble. Venus represents the Preyo Marga or the mundane,while Jupiter represents the Sreyo Marga or the supra-mundane.

Hence two portfolios were given to these two planets by the Almighty. Jupiter is the preceptor of the celestials and Venus, the preceptor of the demons , equal to the God and Satan of Western symbolism.

So Venus is Asura Guru ( preceptor of demons ), pitted against the Deva Guru or preceptor of the celestials, Jupiter. These two planets are at war, like the prosecution counsel and defence counsel in a court of law.

He represents Pragmatism, the philosophy that points out that it is Wealth that is ruling the world. He is a Machiavelli, an endorser of End justifying the means. Jupiter represents Jesus and Venus Machiavelli. Thesis and Anti Thesis. Hence his role as the Asura Guru.

Venus represents Wealth, Wine and Women. He is depicted as a drunkard. When Venus dasa rules, the native indulges in Wine and the pleasures of the flesh. Contrast this with Jupiter Dasa, when the native goes to pilgrim centers and strives for Enlightenment.

Astronomically, Venus traced a perfect pentacle in the heavens. Pentagram is the symbol of Venus. The number Six is his number. The Hexagram, the six pointed star, is also a Venusian symbol. Some dogmatists converted this pentagram of Venus into a Satanic symbol. It is not Satanic, on the contrary it is the symbol of the planet of Love !

He represents Poetics, Aesthetics & Rhetoric. Research shows that
great poets have powerful Venus dominating their horoscopes. In
the horoscopes of Tennyson, Byron, Aurobindo, Omar Khayam & Tagore,
Venus was well positioned in the second house.

Dwitheeyastho yadi bhrigu kavyalankara sastravan

They say a poet is born
If Venus tenants the Second !

Venus rules over three constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac,
41 Arietis ( Bharani ), Delta Leonis ( Pubba ) & Delta Sagittari
( Poorvashada ).

He represents Pragmatism, which is against the Idealism of Jupiter.

As Venus Pompeiana, She was the patron Deity of Pompei. Nude statues of her can be found in Pompeian gardens. She was Venus fisica, or the Venus related to Nature, as referred by the Pompeians.

She is Freya in Norse Mythology. Freya's day became Friday. From the Latin dies Freya and the Sanskrit Shukravar.

Her Aphelion is .728, 231, 28 AU, Perihelion .718 432 70 AU, Semi major axis .723 332 AU, Eccentricity .0068, Sidereal period is .615 197 years and Synodic period is 583.92 days.

Shukra Neethi & Brihaspathi Neethi

Venus, Shukra, represents Shukra Neethi.

Can one lie ? Yes, if it can save a life !

In a game,
To save a life,
To please preceptor
To protect wealth
To protect daughter
Yes, one can lie !

This is the whole of Shukra Neethi. There is no harm in making money, according to this Neethi, there is no harm in taking revenge, there is no harm in cursing anybody who harms you !

This is contrary to Brihaspathi Neethi, ( the Law of Brihaspathi or Jupiter ), which says one should not curse, one should not take revenge & one should not make money through unlawful means ! Jupiter rises to a nobler Law which returns good for Evil, Love for hatred. But not Venus or Shukra, who is mundane to the core !

There are two types of Dharma, Asura Dharma, represented by Venus and Deva Dharma, represented by Jupiter. They are both antithetical to each other !

In the Holy Geetha, Lord Krishna says that He is Venus, the poet. Kaveenam Usana Kavee

His stotra is

Hima Kunda Mrinalabham
Daithyanam Paramam Gurum
Sarva Shastra Pravartharam
Bhargavam Pranamamyaham

His Peedahara Stotra is

Daitya mantri gurus thesham
Pranadascha Maha mathih
Prabhusthara grihanamscha
Peedam harathu me Brighuh

His Gayatri is

Om Ashwadwajaya Vidmahe
Dhanur Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanna Shukra Prachodayath

His mantra is

Om Shukraya Namah

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