Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trees of the Zodiac !

Astrologers believe that the 27 constellations which tenant the Zodiac are represented by different trees.

Thenmala Tourism has incorporated a great concept. They have started a Nakshatra Vanam ( Star Trees or trees which represent starts ). 27 trees corresponding to the 27 constellations have been planted. Trees have social, medicinal, aesthetic and economic value.

Those born in Beta Arietis ( Aswini ) can worship Kanjiram or Nux Vomica. The tree which represent the native's star will give him the much needed prosperity.

1. Aswathy Kanjiram Nux vomica
2. Bharani Nelli Indian Gooseberry
3. Karthika Atthi Cluster Fig
4. Rohini Njaval Jamun
5. Makayiram Karingali Cucth Tree
6. Thirvathira Kumbil Cashmere Tree
7. Punartham Mula Bamboo
8. Pooyam Arayal Sacred Fig
9. Aayilyam Nagapoo Messua Tree
10. Makam Peral Banyan Tree
11. Pooram Chamata Flame of the Forest
12. Uthram Ithi Indian Laurel
13. Atham Ambazham Hog Plum
14. Chithira Koovalam Beal Tree
15. Chothi Neermaruthu Arjuna Tree
16. Visakham Vayamkatha Governor's Plum
17. Anizham Elanji Bullet Wood Tree

18. Ketta Pachotti Bodh Tree

19. Moolam Veluthakunthirikom White Dammar

20. Pooradam Samudrakai Fish Poison Tree

21. Uthradam Pilavu Jack Fruit Tree

22. Thiruvonam Erukku Gigantic Swallow
23. Avittam Paarampu Indian Gum Tree
24. Chathayam Kadambam Kadam Tree
25. Pooruruttati Mavu Mango Tree
26. Uthrattathi Veppu Margosa Tree
27. Revathi Iluppa Butter Tree

You can tell your complaints to the tree.

The Thenmala Ecotourism Society gives seeds and maintains a Nursery. People can plant the trees they like at their house and be blessed.
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