Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gold Astrology - a blend of Technical Analysis and Astrology !

Like Stock Market Astrology, Forex Astrology and Astro-Lottology, Astrology
can be used in Gold Market.

I bought Gold at INR 1210 per gm and sold it for INR 1295, a gain of Rs 85.
I sold too early,but then it is practically impossible to get the top and bottom !

From Technical Analysis, the top and bottom of Gold, the Resistance & the Support

levels, can be got & this knowledge can be taken advantage of. After all, Knowledge

is Power !

The Primary Trend in TA is known as the Impulse Phase

The Anti Trend in TA is known as the Corrective Phase.

At the moment, the Impulse Phase is bullish as Gold is on an upcurve, having risen to $990.

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