Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trichur Pooram, the most colourful Festival !

Yesterday was Trichur Pooram, the greatest of all festivals. A group of 15 elephants faced each other and it was a great sight.

Fireworks at 0430 AM today and 05.15 ended the great Trichur Pooram. I saw many foreign tourists in Trichur. Trichur is a tourist spot, because of the Trichur Pooram, the great temple of Vadakkunathan, the great Elephant Sanctuary in Guruvayur, the Palayur Church and the educational institutions in Trichur. Trichur is the cultural and educational capital of Kerala. The Trichur Medical College is spread over 1500 acres !

More than one million witness this great Festival, which occurs on the Pooram day in Mesha, the First Zodiacal Month of the Vedic Calender. Two major temples, Thiruvambadi and Parmakkavu, compete against each other. 15 elephants representing each take part in the festival. Also other elephants from other temples. It is a great sight, with the Trichur Round jampacked. One elephant fell down due to the intense heat. All India is under a heat wave. Global Warming is a real problem and temperature touched 45 degrees !

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