Thursday, June 24, 2010

Punarvasu Jnattuvela proves destructive !

Widespread losses to the tune of crores and many deaths have been reported in Kerala, as Punarvasu Jnattuvela poured rain in torrents.

The fag end of Aridra Jnattuvela also was destructive, but not to this extent.

But less rains were reported at the beginning of these two Jnattuvelas. Yesterday trains were stopped on the Tcr-Gvr route. All roads were submerged in a flood like situation. The clouds are now brimming with pessimistic prophecies.

87 deaths have been reported in Kerala. Loss to the tune of 132 crores. 514 houses have been completely destroyed and 11,092 houses have been partially destroyed. Govt has declared that 19 crores will be given as immediate relief to the rain affected victims. Free ration of rice has been given to those affected by the destructive rains.

In Mattathoor, water played havoc in a chicken farm. 2000 hens died as a result.

I couldnt get out of my apartment yesterday and couldnt go to office. However, I worked at my Home PC.

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