Thursday, June 24, 2010

The stamp of Jupiter !

My daughter's counselling was on a


She was enrolled on a Thursday, Aslesha at Madurai Medical College. Thursday is the day of Thor or Jupiter ( Guruvar ) !

I was born on a THURSDAY, Aslesha. She was enrolled on my 54th birthday !

Science calls these things coincidences. According to occult science, they are synchronicities, indications that all events are arranged by a Wisdom !

Her Jupiter is powerfully posited in Leo ! Taurus rising and Jupiter, the Noble Planet, aspects the House of Profession, tending her to the Noble Professions, Medicine, Law or Philosophy.

When Aurobindo's birthdate coincided with India's independence, he remarked

" I take this circumstance, not as a fortuitous accident, but as a sanction of the Divine Force "

I say the same thing. It is the stamp of Jupiter, the stamp of the Guru and the sanction of the Divine Force !

About Jupiter, Dante wrote

The aspect of thy son Hyperion (Sun ) I there endured
How Maia ( Mercury ) and Dione ( Venus ) dance about and near them
The temperings of Jove with his father and child. ( The temperate Jupiter above the hot Mars and the chill Saturn ).

" I see in the torch of Jove the kindling of Love ", he said. It is Love he saw in Jupiter, the planet of Wisdom and Love ! Isnt Dante's Divine Comedy Astro Poetry ?

My Jupiter in Cancer is in the Ascendant, my daughter's in Leo in the angular Fourth, my son's in the angular Seventh, in Aquarius and my wife's in the Ascendant, in Sagittarius !

It is true that Jupiter has blessed us in His bounty !

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