Thursday, June 24, 2010

A devotional song for Lord Saturn !

It is said in Indian Mythology that the demon King Ravana commanded Saturn to come and stay at the 11th House ( the best House for Saturn ) when his son Indrajith was born. Saturn had to obey this demon King, as the demon King was invested with occult powers. But then, Saturn is there to make man bear the Cross, to purge sins. So he came and stayed at the 11th House but then with his customary guile, put his other leg in the 12th House ( the worst house for Saturn to be in ). The demon King's son was ultimately defeated at the battlefield !

It is a well known principle that no man can reach Heaven without going through Hell. People in Italy used to look at Dante and say " This is the man who had gone through Hell". Only by bearing the Cross of suffering and strife can one reach Heaven. No roses without thorns and no Heaven without Hell !

This well known principle is exemplified by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of Boundless Time, Eternity and though temporary suffering, He gives eternal happiness to the native.

We have said earlier in our blog that the Cosmic Man assumed the form of planets to disseminate Karma, the result of past actions, to human beings. It is His aspect as a Taskmaster, as the Force that makes man bear the Cross, which Saturn represents. It is said that He is Moksha Karaka or significator of Redemption or Self Actualisation.

In India there are a lot of Saturn temples, as the Hindus are astronomically oriented and worship all aspects of the Divine. Let us chant this devotional song to free ourselves from the strife and suffering we are afflicted with !

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